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Ladies should learn the skills of jewelry collocation

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We often say "people rely on clothes horse saddle", if a person dress collocation is good, the temperament of the whole person is brought up, especially women, coupled with their own jewelry, can support their temperament threatening! Silver jewelry manufacturers face the reminder, a superb collection of beautiful things of jewelry the most expensive or not, love is the best, should choose the most suitable jewelry to foil their jewelry, so learning collocation skills is very necessary. Below is the jewelry manufacturers to introduce jewelry matching skills.

First of all, in general, the whole body of jewelry is best not more than 3 pieces, otherwise it will give a complex or heavy feeling. Jewelry collocation combination change, in many forms, the correct collocation can reflect the wearer's taste, personality. Silver jewelry manufacturers remind, adorn article also should pay attention to and the surrounding environment coordination, play complementary artistic effect. Multipurpose Earrings popular, as well as earrings, earrings and pendants also can be disassembled into. It reflects the youth girl's change from one side and the psychology of pursuing individuality.

Then from the character, different character of different style of jewelry collocation ladies, ladies dress girl, earrings should be small and elegant, it gives people a sense of occupation women work YISHION clean; can wear concise Earrings collocation suits, both female beauty, and modesty.

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Then comes the face and hair style. The different faces of the ladies match the shape of the jewelry. Round face girl hanging earrings, suitable for wearing long face long necklace; women should choose to wear round earrings; square face person suitable to wear earrings earrings or little and dainty to show their character. Girls with different hairstyles also have different styles of jewelry. Hair and Earrings should follow the collocation with long short long, with short, consistent with the principles of hair style earrings. Long hair and long earrings collocation can display lady style; short hair and exquisite earrings can set off women's clever collocation.

Another is the shape, the different height of Lady collocation a different style of jewelry, a petite women should not wear large number of jewelry, should choose some small and exquisite jewelry; tall people, not wearing a small jewelry, otherwise, is too small.

Finally, the age, and for young people, should wear some more youthful fashion jewelry, and silver jewelry, crystal ornaments and rope ornaments are more suitable material. And for middle-aged people, you should bring some mature and stable jewelry, jade jewelry is a very good choice.

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