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Silver processing factory: 999 Sterling Silver and 925 silver difference

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In the past to stay the idea, it must be 999 sterling silver to do the silver, because it contains the highest silver content. Good silver processing factory reminder, in fact, not, this is a misunderstanding in the cognitive. Below, silver processing factory, we talk about.

The name "Sterling Silver" can tell you why it is called "pure silver", which means silver with the highest silver content and no impurities. This is called pure silver. Like the 999 Silver, in the traditional name called zuyin. Theoretically, 100% of the content is considered pure silver, but in fact, 100% of the silver is not found on the market now, so 99% of the silver represents Sterling silver. 999 Sterling Silver pale color, very soft, so it is easy to use it jewelry deformation, and can not be inlaid precious stones, are widely used in the manufacture of bracelets, Tong lock such.

Silver processing factory

Is the name of 925 silver, imported from the west, 92.5% silver alloy is fabricated by adding copper, zinc, nickel and other 7.5%, then why do you want to add other ingredients in silver? Because silver is too soft and easy to oxidation, hardness, brightness and luster add its composition on the basis of that silver has the ideal well, antioxidant, and all kinds of precious stones inlaid, made of high-end jewelry, is internationally recognized as a silver standard.

Silver jewelry processing factory to remind, in the production process, 925 silver is far better than the 999 sterling silver, fashionable, bright color, not easy to oxidation, if integrating other jewelry, is a high-end fashion is not less than the gold, silver, platinum and other precious metal styles.

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