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Silver processing factory: colored jewelry should be how to maintain?

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Jewelry is so magical, can give us unlimited reverie, beautiful and romantic, noble and elegant... So you have the heart to look at them as the week maintenance is not compromised? The silver jewelry processing factory, to teach you how to repair coloured jewels,

1, emerald is a brittle nature of the gem, plus natural emerald often flawed, prone to rupture, so avoid strong extrusion and collision. The immersion or glue to hide the flaws in crack is a common method to deal with emerald. Silver processing factory reminder, emerald jewelry must also avoid overheating.

2. Red sapphire is the most easily protected gemstone in colored gemstones. These two kinds of gemstones are of high hardness, moderate toughness and stable properties. They can be worn for a long time without heavy impact and high temperature.

3, Alexandrite (including Alexandrite and cat eye) is a gem of good hardness and toughness, and is therefore an ideal male gemstone. In the process of wearing, usually only need to avoid high temperature, especially in the restructuring, style or maintenance, don't let the flame straight toward the precious stones.

Silver processing factory

4, tourmaline is a kind of luster soft gem, but the disadvantage is low hardness, brittleness is also stronger. Therefore, wear jewelry made of tourmaline, should be careful not to rub with other stones collision, so as not to row flowers.

Tourmaline has thermoelectric properties (so called tourmaline). After exposure to the sun or heat, it will produce static electricity and absorb some fine dust. Therefore, people who work in dusty environments should pay attention to cleaning the precious stones with alcohol and other neutral cleaning liquid to keep their luster soft. At the same time, tourmaline should avoid overheating, because the heat sometimes changes the color of tourmaline.

5, topaz (Topa J S), moonlight gem should avoid collision, because both have cleavage, after the collision, the stones tend to split in one direction and make it all or part of the damage.

6, spinel and garnet are medium hardness stones, generally only need to pay attention not to collide with each other.

7, crystal should avoid contact with radioactive materials, as far as possible avoid contact with heat source. The crystal in the radiation exposure (such as in X ray workers) will change, and when heated Amethyst may appear lighter in color phenomenon

8 zircon, olivine and other gems can not be placed together. Zircon and olivine are gems formed in the underground high-temperature environment. They are brittle in nature and low in hardness. Therefore, they are difficult to make large stones because of too many cracks in raw materials. The friction between the finished stones will also wear the edges of the precious stones and make them lose their momentum". Silver processing factory to remind, this

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