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What's the good of drinking vinegar? Vinegar can bring 5 benefits for women

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1. take a spoonful of vinegar - morning fasting laxative

Many women suffering from acne or pigmentation often have varying degrees of constipation.

Studies have shown that the nutrients in the vinegar which contains large amounts of amino acids and certain glycolytic enzymes and other unsaturated fatty acids, can promote intestinal peristalsis, maintain the balance of the ecological environment of the gut flora, maintain defecate unobstructed.

Take a spoonful of vinegar - morning fasting laxative

If constipation is heavy, but every morning fasting clothes a spoonful of vinegar (about 10 ~ 15 ml), drink a cup of boiling water, can take effect after 1 weeks.

2. before bedtime 10 ~ 15 ml vinegar weight

Weight loss is an eternal topic for female friends. Vinegar contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids and 16 organic acids, which can promote carbohydrate metabolism and lower cholesterol levels.

Regular consumption of vinegar can not only consume the body fat, but also promote the metabolism of sugar, protein and other smooth progress, play a slimming effect. Therefore, to thin friends may wish every night before bedtime 10 ~ 15 ml of vinegar.

3. white vinegar water massage - Anti Wrinkle anti-aging

Chinese medicine believes that vinegar has a new role in removing stasis, which can improve the blood circulation of skin and promote the metabolism of skin. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that vinegar has the function of assisting oxidation resistance, anti-aging and removing wrinkles.

Wash your face at night, it is advisable to white vinegar 1 spoons, water 3 spoons, mix evenly, dip the vinegar with cotton balls, in the face where there is wrinkles gently smear, and then gently massage the fingers for 3~5 minutes, wash with warm water can be. Long term adherence can help eliminate small wrinkles in the face.

A hand is the second face of a woman, and the care of the hand must not be neglected. Wash hands, white vinegar and water in accordance with the proportion of 3:1 mixture, evenly coated in the hands, retained for about 5 minutes, and then washed off with water. Long term adherence, hands will become white, delicate.

4. hot water and vinegar feet -- improving sleep

Vinegar can not only blood scattered silt, and soaking with vinegar, can promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, help sleep. Therefore, insomnia, try every night before going to bed 2500 ml of 40 degrees Celsius hot water poured into the pot, add vinegar (vinegar, vinegar can be) 150 ml soak the feet, to improve sleep.

In addition, when bathing, the right amount of vinegar is added into the bathtub, and the utility model can also play a good role in eliminating fatigue and improving sleep.

5. temperature and boiling water add vinegar wash or bath, preventing gynecological diseases

White vinegar has antiseptic effect

Vinegar has antiseptic effect, have a good preventive effect on pruritus vulvae and vaginitis, each 1000 ml of warm boiling water available to add vinegar 10 to 15 ml, with a concentration of 1% to 1.5% of the solution to clean the vulva or bath.

Compared with other gynecological lotion, after washing with white vinegar, the vulva is moist, comfortable, dry and unpleasant, especially for middle-aged and elderly women.

Summary: through the small series of the above introduction, you know what vinegar is good? Do you know that women often have five benefits of vinegar? Those who usually do not like to be jealous of female friends, after a small compilation of the above, at ordinary times to drink vinegar, oh, not only good for their own body, but also a lot of health benefits.

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